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How CD Marine can help to adhere to EU regulation and the Hong Kong International Convention for the inventory of Hazardous Materials

In line with EU regulation and the future ratification of the Hong Kong International Convention, it is important everyone operating in the marine industry takes action to ensure it is aware of – and conforms to – all ship requirements.

The Hong Kong International Convention (HKC) for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships has been designed to improve the health and safety of current ship breaking practices. The Hong Kong convention was approved by IMO in 2009 and is going to be ratified by most member states.

Upon entry into force, the Hong Kong convention will require that all ships and yachts (commercial and private) over 500 GRT must have an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) – and a valid International Certification – on board within five years, or before going for recycling should this be sooner.

In 2013, the EU introduced a regulation similar to HKC’s structure, concepts and definitions, with some additional requirements (Regulation EU N 1257/2013). The EU Ship Recycling regulation requires that all ships over 500 GRT flying the flag of a member state built after 31st December 2018 have on board an IHM and the International Certificate on IHM. All existing vessels flying EU flags and non-EU flag vessels calling EU ports must have an IHM on board, prepared by an approved IHM expert company, and the Certificate of Compliance issued by a recognised organisation (IACS classification societies) before 31st December 2020.  

In addition, the regulation requires that the ship-owner maintain the IHM, throughout the life of the ship. If any machinery or equipment is added, removed or replaced, or the hull coating is renewed, the IHM should be updated. In order to ensure conformity to regulation, managers and crew must implement measures to maintain and update the IHM reflecting new installation, removed or replaced machineries.

The IHM expert company must be an entity employing or contracting individual IHM experts to introduce any relevant work or task in relation to the IHM process for the purpose of compiling or updating an IHM.

All members of the industry know that the approach for works or inspection aboard is different for each type of vessel or yachts: It should be carried out by people who have experience of the ship and/or yacht structure and operation, and know the delicate equipment fitted on board.

As an industry leader, CD Marine is the obvious choice. Certified IHM experts with vast experience in the shipping and yachting industry, CD Marine is recognised by ABS-LR and RINA as an “external specialist”, specialised to carry out Hazardous Materials Surveys and complete the whole process for obtaining the IHM Certification and training crew for the maintenance of the IHM.

Contact CD Marine to discuss your IHM needs with its dedicated team, to ensure your ship conforms to EU regulations and the Hong Kong International Convention.

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